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Youth Awards

The Five Piece Camp Around Nova Scotia Award



To encourage the exploration of Nova Scotia, as well as the better utilization of our Scout Camps. Though it is not a requirement to camp on a Scouts Canada property, the Nova Scotia Council has a number of really great camps available!

Requirements for Each Piece:

  1. Camp for at least one night within the area with your section or group (Camps prior to February 1, 2017 don't count)
  2. Take a picture of participants earning the crest, with a landmark of the sight, i.e. a sign, lodge, lake or cabin
  3. Send this photo into the Maritime Service Centre along with the quantity of crests you'd like. It is important to note that multiple sections of the crest cannot be purchased at one time.

Scouting Properties within Each Piece: 

Southern Camper: Camp Mush-a-Mush, Pierce Park [Digby, Yarmouth, Shelburne, Queens and Lunenburg]

Valley Camper:  Lower Lake Sixty/Camp Hiawatha, Sunken Lake [Annapolis, Kings and West Hants]

Central Camper: Scout Island, Harold T. Barrett, Camp Lone Cloud, Camp Harris, Camp Nedooae, Malagash, Camp Impeeza [East Hants, HRM, Colchester, Cumberland]

Northern Camper: Camp Rodrick [Pictou, Antigonish, Guysborough]

Cape Breton Camper: Camp Carter [All of Cape Breton Island]

Cost & Size:

Each section of the crest will be sold for $2.50 from the Maritime Service Centre. The entire crest will be a whopping 12" by 4" in size.

Earn each section of the crest as you explore the province! Many great safe scouting adventures are waiting!

Medal of the Maple for Distinguished Youth Service

The Medal of the Maple for Distinguished Youth Service is an award created by the members of the National Youth Committee, designed to honour those youth who have significantly contributed to the Movement and the spirit of Scouting through community service, extraordinary Scouting participation and a solid system of personal values.
The Medal of the Maple Award was launched in Scouts Canada’s Centennial year (Fall 2007), to symbolize the importance of youth involvement in our Movement’s success. Nominations can be submitted by clicking on the Nomination form button below. 
For the complete Recognition Guide, click here!

Religion in Life & Spirituality Awards

Scouts Canada welcomes all religious affiliations and we encourage all our youth and leaders to learn more about and develop their faith in all aspects of our programming as well in the attainment of a Religion in Life Badge, which is specifically geared to their individual religious community. Scouts also welcomes all those who do not have a specific religious affiliation and/or do not attend a regular religious worship service. Furthermore, for those who do not have any religious affiliation we offer the opportunity to engage in your own expression and your own personal sense of what Spirituality means to you through our Spirituality Award.

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