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Training Opportunities For Volunteers

Training opportunities will be posted as they are received. Please check with your Area Council for local courses.

End times listed are approximate and should be used for planning purposes only.

Scouters, if you are planning on participating in a course, you need to register in advance with the Course Manager using the contact information provided.

When you click on the course title in the calendar you will find additional details:

*  Location where the training will take place

*  Who is the course manager and how you can contact them

*  Additional information specific to this course


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Training FAQs

Q. What is Wood Badge Part I (one) Training?

A. The first and most critical training course provided by Scouts Canada is the Wood Badge Part I. This course introduces new leaders to Scouting and the section in which they will be working. Most importantly the course concentrates on what happens on a regular meeting night and provides the basic knowledge and skills to help new leaders run a great program.

Q. How is the training delivered?

A. Scouts Canada is committed to helping new leaders acquire the necessary knowledge and skills as quickly as possible so our Wood Badge Part I is available online (through Scouts Canada E-Learning Tool) for the new leader’s convenience and we also provide face to face courses for those that wish to attend. Course dates are posted on line on the Nova Scotia training calendar. New leaders may choose either method or a combination of both, whichever is most convenient for them.

Q. Where can I take a WB Part I Course?

A. Courses are conducted in various Areas in Nova Scotia. All courses are open to any member wishing to attend. You are not restricted to attend a course in your Area if the date is inconvenient perhaps due to timing or work commitment.  Please check with your local Area Service Team for local courses. You can also check the Nova Scotia Council training calendar to learn where and when courses are being offered.

Q. Why do I have to take training?

A. Scouts Canada is committed to providing quality programs for our youth and achieving our Mission: To contribute to the education of young people, through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law, to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society. To do so requires caring, compassionate and skilled leaders and training that ensures we have the right leaders at the right place with the right skills at the right time. We also want to ensure that our leaders are comfortable in their roles and enjoy their experience with Scouting.

Q. Who needs to take training?

A. All Section Leaders Activity leaders and Scouters-In-Training who are registered and working with a section are encouraged to complete the Wood Badge Part I for the section in which they are working. Group Committee members are also encouraged to take training appropriate for their role as well. The minimum age requirement for Wood Badge Part I training is 14.

Q. Can members who are Prospective Members (awaiting completion of screening) take training?

A. Yes, Prospective Members can take Wood Badge I. However, leaders still cannot work with the youth until the screening process is complete. 

Q. Will all the courses offered by every Area have the same content?

A. Yes.  All Wood Badge Part I Courses provided follow the Scouts Canada Course Training Standards (CTS). 

Q. How will I know that I’ve successfully completed Wood Badge Part I?

A. A training certificate (card) is presented upon completion of each training module. (See chart below)

Section Leaders Modules

Core Training – Certificate

Section Specific Training – Certificate

Successful Completion of both modules – Certificate & Wood Badge Woggle

Group Committee Modules

Core Training – Certificate

Group Committee Training– Certificate

Successful Completion of both modules – Certificate & Group Committee Pin

Certificate & Wood Badge Woggle (Non-compulsory for Group Committee training)

Q. Why do course fees differ across NS?

A. When preparing to conduct training courses, costs for items like facility rental, photocopying, course supplies, food vary from area to area. Each course is required to be self-sufficient.  

Q. Are there any exemptions from taking required Wood Badge Part I training?

A. All registered members (either in Group Committee or Section) must complete all  modules of their Wood Badge Part I however when a scouter moves to another section or role he/she will only be required to take training specific to that section and is not required to complete Module 1 (Core) again.

Example: Beaver Leader who has completed modules; Core, Colony Section Specific moves to Cubs is only required to complete Pack Section Specific training.

Group Committee members who completed modules; Core and Group Committee moves to Scout leader must complete Section Specific Troop.

Q. What happens if I don’t take training?

A. Ensuring that we have trained leaders conducting our programs is critical to the success and growth of our programs. As such we require that new leaders, on the Applicants Agreement for Membership indicate that they “agree to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for the position within the first year”.

To help new leaders achieve this goal we provide numerous courses and or online e-learning opportunities to ensure that the goal is realistic and achievable.

Should a new leader not complete the training within the required timelines we will do our best to help them achieve it as quickly as possible however if the leader is not willing then we may not renew their membership the following year.


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