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St John Ambulance Training

Whereas St. John Ambulance NS and Scouts NS have identified the training of youth in First Aid as a common goal, St. John Ambulance is pleased to offer First Aid training for Scouts Canada, Nova Scotia Council members and leaders as a part of its community service program. St. John Ambulance Nova Scotia is a registered charity serving Canadians for more than 120 years. Programs will be registered with, and certificates issued by St. John Ambulance.  (A fee may be applied)
No-cost training is available to current, registered, youth members of Scouts Canada Nova Scotia Council including Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers, current, registered adult members of Scouts Canada Nova Scotia Council including Beaver Leaders, Cub Leaders, Scout Leaders, Venturer Advisors, Rover Advisors and Group Committee members.
The following St John Ambulance programs are available:
1.      All CPR Programs
2.      Lifesaver Challenge - Cub-aged program
3.      We Can Help - Beaver-aged program
4.      Emergency First Aid
5.      Standard First Aid
6.      Enhanced First Aid
Group Bookings
The contact Scouter must provide, 30 DAYS IN ADVANCE, a list of names of those wishing to participate in the training and forward it directly to the Nova Scotia Council Office, using the application provided. A minimum of 10 registrants is required to book a course for that group. Course location (with civic address) is needed at that time.
Groups must provide a TV, DVD player, whiteboard and/or flip chart.
St. John Ambulance will coordinate the appropriate arrangements and ensure the course is provided with the following:
1.      Qualified instructor
2.      Appropriate training materials - books, ACTARS, bandages
3.      Certificates
Special Circumstances - Individual Bookings (attending a course not scheduled through Scouts Canada, example - training being offered by Fire Department). Individuals can book on regularly scheduled general public programs (limit of 2 per course, not to exceed the maximum course load of 1:18). St. John Ambulance has discretion as to whether seats can be made available on a general public program. Preference is to be given to paying students.
St. John Ambulance reserves the right to change a course date with one (1) week’s notice. This circumstance could occur, if for example, instructional materials are dedicated to paid courses and, therefore, are unavailable for community programs. An alternative date will be arranged at mutual convenience.
When possible, Scout leaders who belong to the requesting group and are St. John Ambulance First Aid Instructors will be utilized. They can obtain materials and conduct programs at their convenience. Application process still needs to be completed 30 DAYS IN ADVANCE.
Instructors certified with other nationally recognized First Aid training agencies can apply to become certified as a St. John Ambulance instructor and access materials for Scout programs. Non–St John Ambulance instructors will not be permitted to instruct under this agreement.
All registrants must be verified by Nova Scotia Council office that they registered members for the current year.
Please forward application to:
Scouts Canada Nova Scotia Council
84 Thorne Avenue
Dartmouth NS B3B 1Y5
Phone: 423-9227 / 1-800-557-7268
Fax: 423-7989

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