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Welcome from your Council Commissioner!

Good day everyone,

Welcome to the start of another exciting year of Scouting in Nova Scotia.  My name is Mike Millard, and I am your new Council Commissioner in Nova Scotia.  I will be replacing Howard Eaton, who has filled his term and has now moved on to the next chapter of his Scouting career.  Thank you Howard, on behalf of everyone in the Council for your time and dedication to Scouting during your term.  Being Council Commissioner is a huge commitment and your hard work was greatly appreciated.  Enjoy your new role.

I am truly excited to be officially in the Council Commissioner role.   I have been working alongside Howard since last spring frantically trying to learn everything there is to know about Scouting in Nova Scotia.  While it is impossible to have learned everything, I do believe that I have a good start.  What I know for sure is that I believe the future is very bright for Scouting in this amazing Council.  With the start of a new year is an opportunity for all of us to continue helping our incredible youth in their journey down the Canadian Path in search of excitement and adventure.  While there will always be detours and roadblocks on that path, by working together in a positive manner we can make sure that the youth continue to move forward safely and with confidence.

One of the announcements last week was the change in titles and roles for our paid staff here in the Council.  I understand that there is a bit of confusion with this announcement.  To review.... Peter Biddle's job title is now Council Relationship Manager instead of Executive Director.  Gary Evong and Darlene Maund now have job titles of Scouting Relationship Manager instead of Area Support Manager.  If you are wondering what that means to you as a Scouter in the field:

Peter, along with myself and Justin Chenier are the Council Key 3

If you are an Area Commissioner, Group Commissioner, or Scouter in Cumberland, Colchester, Tri-County, North East Nova, or South West Nova then your staff support person is Darlene Maund

If you are an Area Commissioner, Group Commissioner, or Scouter in Cape Breton, Dartmouth, Chebucto West, or Cobequid Lakes then your staff support person is Gary Evong.

If you are an Area Commissioner, Group Commissioner, or Scouter in Fortress Halifax, Kings, or South Shore then your staff support person is Peter Biddle.

Of course, at any time, if you have questions, concerns, problems, or incredible amazing success stories that you would like to share I would be happy to hear from you.  I would like to thank each and every one of you for giving up your precious time and energy to be a part of this incredible Scouting movement.  Together we really are making a difference.

Mike Millard 
Council Commissioner
Scouts Canada, Nova Scotia Council

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