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Learning & Development (formerly Training)

We have changed the name of Training to Learning & Development to both reflect the updated terminology used Nationally as well as Council's role in providing more options than just training to develop Scouters.

Why? Scouts Canada is committed to helping prepare our volunteers to be successful in putting into practice our mission of helping develop well rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world. Volunteer Learning & Development aims to connect Scouters with the knowledge and skills that they need in the most engaging and accessible way possible. A brief description of our volunteer development framework follows.

How? Council facilitates Scouter development through Scouts Canada’s “Wood Badge” Program and by connecting Scouters with courses and workshop opportunities to enhance the acquisition of further skills and knowledge.

The “Wood Badge” The “Wood Badge” refers to the recognition that Scouters receive when they complete the Wood Badge program. It focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to implement the Scouting program. These competencies include youth-program facilitation, outdoor skills, Scouter support, risk management and safety.

The prerequisite for Wood Badge is Scouting Fundamentals, an eLearning program completed by individuals applying to become a Scouter as part of our Volunteer membership requirements. More information about Scouting Fundamentals can be found at:

Scouts Canada divides Wood Badge into two parts: Wood Badge I and Wood Badge II. There are variations of the Wood Badge I program;

  • Wood Badge l for The Canadian Path,
  • Wood Badge for Group Committee, and
  • Wood Badge for Group Commissioners.

The Wood Badge you complete is dependent on your specific Volunteer role. These Wood Badges are typically completed in the form of eLearning. Scouters are required to complete the appropriate Wood Badge I program by the end of their first year in the role - 365 days after they have been registered. More information about Wood Badge I can be found at:

Wood Badge II for The Canadian Path builds on the skills and knowledge gained during Wood Badge I and the opportunity to have applied this learning in a practical environment. It introduces basic outdoor and Volunteer-support skills. The Wood Badge II program may begin at any time after you receive your Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path and allows for self-directed learning, conducted through mentorship and coaching in addition to traditional courses and workshops. More information about Wood Badge II can be found in this guide:

Course and Workshop Opportunities. Opportunities include:

  • STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Program Facilitation
  • Standard First Aid Training
  • LNT (Leave No Trace) Education
  • Paddle Canada Canoe
  • Outdoor Education

We encourage you to check back regularly for updates. Please contact me ( with any inquiries about these opportunities.

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